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The Mystery of the Blood
The Mystery of the Blood

These days, it can be very hard to ascertain the truth. Different religious sectors share different opinions. In The Mystery of the Blood, author and preacher Apostle Hans Blunk emphasizes that Christians should always remember that the Word of God is the only guidance that the faithful needs. An enlightening examination of God’s Word to remind everyone to share and witness the miracle given to mankind by the blood of Christ.

Author Hans Blunk

About the Author

Born in Germany during Word War II, Hans Blunk started working as a delivery boy for a bakery in Schleswig-Holstein at eleven years old. Eventually, he underwent apprenticeship as a baker and confectioner in his hometown. At twenty-one years old, he moved to South Africa after serving the German Army. It was there during December 1965 that Hans Blunk dedicated his life to serving the Lord at Pastor Freddy Robert’s Church in Malvern, South Africa. To undergo training as preacher, he went back to Germany in 1967. During his training, he was involved in smuggling Bibles inside the Iron Curtain. In 1979, he went back to South Africa to serve as part of the AFM congregation in Evander. Currently, he still resides in Evander, preaching the Word of God.


The Lord is speaking to us in different ways, for me it was a revelation to see how the Lord Jesus Christ opens doors, not only for me but also for you. We only have to put all our Trust into Him, the one who created us.

God would rather you keep our word, see your promise through, than fall short and bring question on the church. The father is working and presenting the body in unity and integrity. He is in the building business, and wants us to be disciplined, which allows us to walk in obedience. This is for the benefit of the Kingdom of Christ.

Christ was there from the beginning, before creation, so that God could create man in the image of Him. That He could send his Son to Earth for the salvation of man. Because from the foundation of the earth God did know what will happen with man.

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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing interest in my work. I hope I have enlightened you about the mystery of the blood of Christ. If you have any questions or if you want to share some thoughts, please feel free to send me an email. I would love to hear from you. Have a blessed day!